We offer consulting on a wide variety of services, including: 

  • time management analysis
  • college applications planning guidance
  • learning good study habits
  • ending procrastination
  • establishing a homework routine
  • practicing stress management
  • staying organized
  • finding your productivity strategy


The type of service provided depends on the student's needs. 

Consulting can be done in a number of ways: in person, over the phone, via messaging chat, or via video conference. 

We're happy to work with students of any age, but students under 18 will need parent or guardian permission. 

We offer a flat fee of $50 per hour for consulting services. 

View a case study here of what you can expect from a Smarter consult, from start to finish. 

The initial consult is entirely free of charge. 

For speaking event, conference, and group seminar inquiries, contact Monique at monique@smarterappinfo.com