We're working hard to develop in app to help students everywhere. 

Smarter is a study planning and motivation app that tracks and hacks your study routine, giving you a clear and manageable plan to succeed based off past performance. It learns how you work, while you work.

For too long, studying has essentially been a guessing game. You make the same mistakes over and over again. You forget that, realistically, you need two full weeks to prep an essay, or forgot that you actually hate studying on Saturday night. Time passes all too quickly and suddenly your deadline is upon you: the final is on Friday? That homework was due when? The essay is due tomorrow?!

This is a critical issue for most students.  You delay, you underestimate, you cram. Week after week, this adds up. You see it in your energy level (or lack thereof) and unfortunately, you see it in your grades. Something needs to change.


  1. We’re creating better students and better learners for the long term.
  2. Enter your study plan for the day, week, or semester as you would with any planner or planner app.
  3. Track what you do and don’t do each day by quickly swiping left or right.
  4. Smarter analyzes your patterns to develop a study plan especially for you, as this assignment continues and for future assignments as well.



  • Most planners simply list what needs to be done-- there is no feedback. Smarter not only keeps track of what you've done and will do, but it uses that information to help you learn better. 

  • Trendy motivational tools often take the form of punishment or restriction-- not a great long-term strategy. The Smarter App won't block any of your websites or threaten to pull from your bank account. 

  • Habit tracking apps can’t accommodate the recurring nature of school work. For instance, a test is a type of ‘habit’ you might have 20 times a year, each being a unique case. The Smarter App understands the special nature of building habits around schoolwork, and exactly what that demands. 


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