Last part in the series! If this is your first time here, welcome! We're diving into the 5 awesome morning questions we established last week here (opens in new window). 

Let’s break down a few of these questions and what they mean/should mean to you:

What will I do to achieve my goals today?

Obviously you’re going to need to have some goals in mind for this one. I find it most helpful to think about mid-level goals-- goals for the next few months, rather than for the year (macro) or for the week (micro).  That way you strike a nice balance between keeping that long term vision in sight without being bogged down in anything too specific.

So pick a goal or two or five (maybe one for each area of your life -- personal, school, romantic relationship, sports, arts, career, etc) and identify how today’s actions will contribute to any of these. At least one thing you do today should contribute to a goal! But this is easier than it sounds: for example--taking great notes in class today will help you get an A on the final. Working out after school will help you run the 5k in three months and so on. But remember, you can’t be good at everything every day.

What will I be good at today?

You can’t be good at everything everyday. That’s a simple truth that’s easy to forget. And I’m not being pessimistic or trying to bum you out-- this is an example of where you need to be very self aware and accepting of the reality of 24 hours.  It’s something I’ll go into more detail on in a later webinar but basically, focus on one thing or one area of your life that you’ll absolutely ace today -- you’ll probably  be good at a lot of other stuff too! But allow yourself to be ok if not. It’s ok not to be awesome at everything everyday.  

What will I do to make myself proud today?

I think this might seem like a strange one for some people. But I include this one because I think pride has a unique tie to happiness. It’s not about what other people expect of you or even necessarily what you want to do. It’s a special way of thinking about your day and what’s in it, and the value of your achievements.

You might have some other questions more applicable to your life/goals. Here are some other good ones:

How will I beat my fear today?

Who will I connect with today?

How will I challenge my bad habit today?  

How will I expand my talents today?

What will I do for others today?


Thanks guys! Let me know how this technique is working out for you!  Email me at