Here are some questions to help you really bring intentional thinking into your life in a concrete way. It only takes 5 minutes! I really emphasize this being the absolute FIRST thing you do in the morning-- because everything that follows will to be done with purpose. You know you’re brushing your teeth because you want have a nice healthy smile for the rest of your life. You know you’re taking the extra five minutes to make breakfast because when you skip it you feel miserable at the end of the day (and that’s not very nice to yourself!).

Do this first so that you get in the mindset of performing now to achieve something in the future, for every single one of your actions. Intentional living is purposeful living.

First, close your eyes and think about your day hour by hour. Imagine yourself in each location-- who you’ll be with and how long it will take to get there. Assess any feelings you might have about each place: what you’re excited to do and where there might have anxieties.  Make note of when you’re not totally sure what you’ll be up to.

Start with a series of questions first thing in the morning. You can customize as you want but these are a great starting point.

  • What will I do to achieve my goals today?

  • What attitude will I approach today with?

  • What will I do to make myself happy today?

  • What will I do to make myself proud today?

  • What will I be good at today?

And, a great bonus question: 

  • What will I learn today?

Even if you also use a planner to map out every second of your day, this is an awesome exercise to warm up your brain in the morning and visualize where you’ll be by the end of it. This technique is especially helpful for those days when you have a vague sense of dread but can’t put a finger on exactly why-- I know you know what I’m talking about with that one!

This strategy helps you nail down the specifics of your day-- it’s not a big, amorphous blob of obligations-- it’s just 24 hours, where you will wake up, do x amount of things, and then go to sleep. And it’s going to be awesome. (Even if you don’t believe that try saying it to yourself anyway and see if that makes you feel better! "Fake it til you make it"... another post for another time). 

This can and should take all of five minutes. And the more you do it, the more efficient you get at it. The more you start to think about your Intentions the next day when you’re falling asleep the night before.


Happy Saturday guys! Do great things!