Monique Thomas is a certified Time Management Consultant. Monique's fascination with productivity began at Amherst College, where she earned her B. A. in Sociology. With a schedule full of demanding classes, and an itch to improve, Monique began to explore the art of productivity and why we interact with time the way we do. 

Since then Monique has had a great deal of experience with juggling 80+ hours of activities a week, every week: between her career, professional organizations, volunteering, and continuing education, time management became not only a fascinating interest but a necessity. 

Monique noticed a worrying trend among her peers and the students around her: no one had enough time-- and everyone was stressed about it. Monique hopes to inspire students to become the best version of themselves by seizing control of their time and recognizing their own ability to work more efficiently. 

Monique is based in New Orleans, LA. When she's not researching time management techniques, she can be found sketching or exploring the city.